Monday to Saturday until 12:00 and Sunday until 13:00. Coffee, croissant, eggs, orange juice and more.

Yogurt€ 6,95
Breakfast - Complete€ 8,95
Luxury breakfast€ 14,95
Lekker een glaasje Prosecco of een grote jus d’orange. Croissant met roomboter, jam en honing. Twee sneetjes boeren desembrood (bruin & wit) en een pistolet met ham en/of kaas, rosbief en gerookte zalm, een ei naar keuze, een kopje Illy koffie of thee
Croissant€ 2,60
Pain au chocolat€ 3,10
Croissant Ham or Cheese€ 3,10
Croissant Honey€ 3,10
Croissant Jam€ 3,10
Croissant Ham and Cheese€ 3,35

Open face fried egg sandwiches & Omelets

Enjoy our delicious over easy fried egg sandwiches or omelets on country bread.

Over easy three fried egg sandwich/ Omelet plain€ 7,35
Gouda cheese, mature cheese, bacon, ham or tomato per topping€ 0,80
Roast beef or salmon per topping€ 1,30

Sandwiches Deluxe

We serve all our products on delicious white or brown farmer's sourdough bread.

BLTC (recommended)€ 8,35
Farmer's sourdough bread loaded with bacon, lettuce, tomato, mature cheese and truffle mayonnaise
BLT Classic€ 8,10
Farmers sourdough bread plentiful filled with bacon, lettuce, tomato and truffle mayonnaise
Smoked Scottish Salmon€ 11,25
With lettuce, yogurt dressing, herbed cream cheese, chives mayonnaise, boiled egg, capers, Pomodoro tomatoes, red onion and croutons
“Gezond “ (Dutch for healthy)€ 8,10
With lettuce, yogurt dressing, slightly matured cheese, ham, boiled egg, tomato, cucumber and chive dressing
Double Tasty€ 9,75
Homemade Filet Américain (beef tartare) on one sandwich and Tuna salad on the other one
Filet Américain Special (beef tartare)€ 9,25
Homemade with boiled egg, capers, red onion and truffle mayonnaise
Tuna salad€ 9,25
Homemade with a boiled egg, haricot verts, red onion, capers and yogurt dressing
Trees sandwich€ 9,25
Richly topped with roast beef, fricandeau, ham, potato salad, boiled egg and mayonnaise
Old Classic Bezuidenhout€ 10,25
On lightly toasted bread, with lettuce, chicken breast, fried bacon, red onion, tomato, fried egg, chives cream cheese, chips, Engelhard sauce and yogurt dressing
Salmon Club Sandwich€ 10,25
On lightly toasted bread, with lettuce, chive cream cheese, salmon, red onion, tomato, boiled egg, chips, chive dressing and yogurt dressing

Hot Sandwiches Deluxe

We serve our dishes on delicious white or brown farmer's sourdough bread.

Hot roast pork sandwich€ 9,50
Heaps of sliced roast pork with mushrooms, onions, Cajun herbs and peanut sauce
Shrimp croquettes (2 pieces)€ 10,25
Delicious shrimp croquettes, richly filled with Dutch shrimps on farmer's sourdough bread, with Engelhard sauce
Engelhard croquettes (2 pieces)€ 8,00
Beef croquettes on farmer's sourdough bread with mustard
Caprese€ 8,10
Oven roasted sandwich with Mozzarella, tomato, pesto, basil cream and pine nuts
Double Burger Engelhard€ 10,50
Homemade burger with two 100-gram patties of pure beef, topped with bacon, fried egg, red onion, tomato and Engelhard sauce, served with a side order of fries.
Goat cheese€ 9,25
Straight out of the oven with roasted nuts, mini Pomodoro, pine nuts, crispy bacon, honey-mustard dressing and apple compote
Warm ham of the bone€ 8,75
With honey mustard sauce
Pan fried chicken with chili sauce, cashew nuts, bell pepper, onions and mushrooms on farmer's sourdough bread€ 10,00
Pan fried chicken with chili sauce, cashew nuts, bell pepper, onions and mushrooms on farmer's sourdough bread
Chicken satay Engelhard
Three skewers of tender chicken breast with slightly spicy peanut sauce, sweet and sour cucumber, prawn crackers and your choice of bread or fries

Grilled cheese sandwiches

All sandwiches come with a dipping sauce of your choice

Cheese and Tomato€ 3,95
Ham and/or Cheese€ 3,95
Hawaii€ 4,95
With ham, cheese and pineapple
Brie and Tomato€ 4,95
Brie and Salmon€ 5,25
€ 4,95

Assortment bread rolls

On a soft roll. Crusted roll white or brown + 0.35.

Roast beef€ 3,95
“Gezond” (ham, cheese, egg, lettuce, tomato)€ 4,50
Matured Cheese€ 3,10
Farmhouse ham€ 3,10
Gouda Cheese€ 2,95
Engelhard Croquette€ 3,90
Homemade meat ball€ 4,85
Brie€ 3,60
Fried egg€ 3,10
Roast pork€ 3,90


Try one of our homemade salads served with sourdough bread.

Hot & Spicy Chicken€ 11,50
Pan fried chicken breast with mushrooms, cashew nuts, onion, bell pepper, chili sauce and yogurt dressing
Tuna Salad€ 11,25
Homemade with haricot verts, red onion, a boiled egg and yogurt dressing
Engelhard (Trio)€ 15,25
Carpaccio, salmon and warm goat cheese with crispy bacon
Smoked Scottish Salmon€ 12,50
With, capers, croutons, chives mayonnaise, boiled egg, red onion, Pomodoro tomatoes and herbal cream cheese
Goat cheese€ 11,50
With roasted nuts, mini Pomodoro, fried bacon, honey-mustard dressing, apple compote and pine nuts
Carpaccio classic€ 11,50
With truffle mayonnaise, arugula, pine nuts, sun-dried tomato and Parmesan cheese


Below our homemade soups served with sourdough bread.

Onion soup€ 5,95
Soup of the day€ 5,40

Kid’s menu

We also have delicious children's menus for the little ones and there is a gift from the barrel filled with little presents for all children!

French fries with chicken nuggets€ 7,25
With applesauce, mayonnaise or ketchup
French fries with Engelhard croquette€ 7,25
With applesauce, mayonnaise or ketchup

Pastries, pies and tarts

In our pastry display case you will find assorted pastries from Maison Kelder, Dudok and Boheemen. Do not hesitate to ask our staff for a suggestion


Flammkuchen carpaccio€ 9,95
Pine nuts, bacon, arugula, Parmesan cheese and homemade truffle mayonnaise
Flammkuchen salmon€ 10,95
Red onion and capers
Flammkuchen vegetarian€ 8,95
Goat cheese, arugula, red onion, sun-dried tomato


We want everyone to feel welcome at Lunchroom Engelhard. That also means that the coffee has to be really good. We have chosen Illy, in our opinion the best coffee brand available. Also, our teas are very special. Not just a tea bag for dipping but we provide a tea strainer with loose leaf tea, we offer 12 flavors. Ask about our tea menu in the shop.

Coffee / Espresso / Ristretto€ 2,70
Add flavor: Hazelnut/Caramel/Vanilla or Amaretto + €0.55 Soy milk or oat milk + € 0.35
Double Espresso€ 3,80
Cappuccino€ 2,90
Latte€ 3,10
Latte Macchiato€ 3,30
Babyccino€ 1,05
Tea Choice of 12 special flavors (see tea menu)€ 2,60
Fresh mint tea with honey€ 3,60
Fresh ginger tea€ 3,90
Hot Chocolate (whipped cream € 0.60 extra)€ 3,10
Coca Cola / Coca Cola Light / Coca Cola Zero / Fanta / Cassis / Sprite / Tonic / Bitter Lemon€ 2,85
Chaudfontaine Blue / Red€ 2,85
Large bottle of Chaudfontaine blue / red€ 5,25
Ice Tea / Ice Tea Zero / Ice Tea Green€ 2,85
Red Bull€ 4,10
Apple juice / Pear juice / Tomato juice€ 2,85
Fresh whole milk / Buttermilk€ 2,60
Chocolate milk / Fristi€ 2,85
Children's lemonade€ 1,10
Freshly squeezed Orange juice€ 4,10


Smoothies made with fresh fruit, 100% natural.

Xtra Energy€ 4,95
Strawberry / Banana
Mad Berries€ 4,95
Raspberry / Strawberry / Blackberry
Tropical Twist€ 4,95
Papaya / Mango / Pineapple
Morning Glory€ 4,95
Spinach / Mango / Pineapple / Banana
Green Machine€ 4,95
Broccoli / Celery / Spinach / Banana / Pineapple
Veggie Twist€ 4,95
Apple / Spinach / Carrot / Lemon / Ginger
Mango Dream€ 4,95
Strawberry / Mango
Caribbean Breeze€ 4,95
Pineapple / strawberry / coconut

Afternoon Snacks

While enjoying a drink, we serve snacks until 4.45 pm.

Fresh fries€ 3,20
Including a sauce of your choice
Cheese sticks 10 pieces€ 8,20
Assorted deep fried snacks 10 pieces€ 7,50
Bitterballen 6 pieces€ 4,65
Bitterballen 9 pieces€ 6,45
Baguette with homemade herb butter€ 4,65
Ribbed potato chips with “Engelhard” sauce€ 2,50